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Our Process

ANMAT starts its journey with the client by establishing connection; this is the initial! A meeting with business lead-ers is arranged to ex- plore and understand where the problem is and to surface underlying issues. Our purpose is to gain a thoughtful image of the client’s re¬quirements and situation so to provide them with our best busi- ness solution.
Define the problem and recommend success pathways. Iden¬tify re- quired resources to achieve a successful solutions-fo¬cused process. At the end of this stage, everyone involved in the project should have a clear picture of which applications are being developed and why. Based on the Expectations, the meeting outcomes and on the data collection and analysis, ANMAT is able to offer the client with a full edge solution tailored to the client’s needs which includes recommen- dations for direction, timeline and imple¬mentation strategies.
After all this effort in investigating about the organizational challenges and desired results and after performing a rigor¬ous require- ments-gathering process, which involves busi¬ness process analysis and high-level use case identification, our client is convinced and is willing to have statement of work with us
In this stage the end users and our testing team are offered the visibility into development and how the requirements are being implemented as well as assurance that issues are being tracked and addressed in a timely and responsive manner.
ANMAT will oversee progress against agreed outcomes and mea- sures of success. Multiple steps of testing occur by the Professional Services quality assurance (QA) team. The QA team tests the func- tionality of the solution to remove defects and ensure that the com- plete set of requirements is met. At this stage, we also conduct training for using the solution prepared to allow the client to utilize our service to its full ex¬tend and achieve the expected results.
This stage involves supporting the installed application in the pro- duction environment. During this phase, ANMAT shall help the client implement a support plan that it allows effect responding to changing user and technology needs. The goal is to develop the expertise of the clients’ employees and ensure viability of the solution into the future. Based on the identi- fied performance baseline and metrics, we will develop adminis- trative procedures to streamline solution tuning.