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Our Core Values

A core value of ANMAT,

Innovation has been the driving force behind our company and the reason for our success. We believe each organization deserves an approach as unique as their business. That’s why ANMAT takes the time to understand your challenges and develop the best solution for you. From client service to development to our unique products and solutions, we are committed to providing you with more value at every stage of your project.

Building the Right Team for the Best Results

ANMAT provides full solutions by utilizing its own resources as well as employing its local, regional and international partnerships. As one of the Middle East’s leading IT solution providers, ANMAT has the experience necessary to correctly identify your challenge and assemble the solution that will work best— from both technological and business perspectives

Better Standards Mean Better Value

At ANMAT, innovation is one of the core values upon which we have built the cul- ture of our company. From thinking of new ways to satisfy our clients and im- prove our service to developing IT solutions that create even greater efficiencies and cost savings, we believe there is always room for improvement. That’s why we never stop looking for a better way to develop our products and execute our projects.
We have created a set of principles, guidelines and proven approaches to ensure your information technology solution is effective.

Innovation & Change

We are a team of investigators, inquirers, researchers, analysts and developers stimulating innovation in the way we do business with our clients. We embrace and drive constructive change in our business and for our stakeholders.


We discover and define, we measure and analyze, we create and optimize, we monitor and control, and that's how we achieve the pinnacles of excellence